The Champion So Broken It Doesn't Belong In League Of Legends | A League Of Legends Movie
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The Champion So Broken It Doesn't Belong In League Of Legends | A League Of Legends Movie

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26 thoughts on “The Champion So Broken It Doesn't Belong In League Of Legends | A League Of Legends Movie

  1. Kris Reply

    Im just sayin, seems like the ability which gives quinn the inability to play as an adc champ is her E, it has no utility in lane and she has a low attack range. I say up her attack range a bit and remove her E and make it a new ability similar to caitlyns net except it acts as a slight knockback against enemies as valor blows a gust of wind in that direction, it would be a great disengage tool and could be used backwards similar to caitlyn as a dash

  2. Twisthle Reply

    You forgot to mention, always play Quinn with chat turned off because by picking her you agree to be blamed for everything that ever goes or ever went wrong, up to and including 9/11 and the adc's father leaving when he was 5.

  3. Alexander Fox Reply

    I just wanna say that I've been playing Quinn since her release- I loved her so much back then I even named my cat (who I still have and love to death) after her! I've never been the type to keep up with or indulge in the league community or professional play at all until recently, so it's really trippy going through her history with you and REMEMBERING going through all of those ups and downs. I vividly recall each update and each spike, but I had no idea the rest of the community of Quinn players was feeling the way I was! It's a trip, you really do share the love for these characters with everyone and you may not even know. It felt nice to hear the props for sticking to her even through all her flaws, cause after all those ups and downs I never faltered as a fan and I still think she's super dope. Props to all us die hard bird girls!

  4. Valor Above All Reply

    Quinn is still my fav and prob has one of if not the most dedicated communities in league but she has been terribly power creeped and has to play like a god in order to win against champs that can play like apes and win makes me kinda sad. I wish they would just turn her into a full blooded adc and change ult

  5. Aoki Naptune Reply

    Quinn's auto attack animation is one of the best out there. It's smooth, but not too floaty.
    It feels like canceling AAs on accident happens much less.
    Too bad that her main role is to be a niche counterpick on a lane I don't play often :/

  6. Filip Kompaník Reply

    Original Quinn&Valor concept was so cool, I did not even realize how much I dislike the rework until I randomly picked her after year, finding out I had mastery 6 but never got to get mastery 7 after the rework. And a remark on her current kit, it feels so dumb to play. A lot of things in the game are dumb, but Quinn feels really stupid. It's so binary, such a stat check, fucking racing taxi cab. I don't understand why Riot would claim champions no longer need reworks, Quinn totally should get one proper look over, and turn the taxi into Valor again.

  7. Linealo Reply

    I sometimes wonder what would happen if we would get a original Quinn AND VALOR in modern League with modern numbers and item changes.
    Considering she's now rated as a solo laner, people might actually benefit from and work with the old ultimate because the focus and understanding shifted. It still won't take away her roaming abilities since the original Valor was fast as well. It might now be successful, but interesting to say the least

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