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What's Wrong with League of Legends?

In this video essay, I go over all the problems that manifest within one of the most popular online multiplayer games of all time, as well as how to fix said …


44 thoughts on “What's Wrong with League of Legends?

  1. nikos xaxamis Reply

    The team has 5 players and how they are gonna play 3 champions only? You didn't thought about it. And don't tell me they are gonna have 2 gragas and 2 aurelion sol's on the same team that's ridiculous. That's why League of legends have so many champions so the players not get bored easily 🙂

  2. Michał Szonowski Reply

    picture this comment read by a medieval nobleman with Scottish accent
    I have noticed that in your outro you call comedy satire while it's actually a grotesque. You're welcome my dear, uneducated, stupid DUMBASS PIECE OF friend. There is no need to thank me

  3. Frontbattles Reply

    The shit is that in low gold where I am stuck there is a smurf enemy minimum every second game i play and since most play mid, i get much more smurfs in the enemy team than in my team.. every time i play other positions I can carry harder cause sometimes I get the smurfs.. its so annoying..

  4. og z YT Reply

    1 problem yasuo is the game and all 10 years old pick it 2 problem master yi the same reason 3 problem comunity the comunity on this game is soo toxic and dumb some are good but the 80% of thee comunityvis trash 4 problem the bans riot is banning all the toxic players and toxic players are create by the trollers 5 problem trollers trollers are those who if you take a cs like normal bc you are adc they will troll a d make you waste 40 mins and then you write dude stop trolling and he said agguga i go yasuo jg and bc you play 30000 matchis and gou have a lot of nervs and then he report you and got perma ban a d that yasuo main his score is 1/12/0is not gonna get ban 6 problem it has a lot of champions 7 the stuck if you are iron bronze silevr gold i know why you cant go higher bc of the trolersssssss writer tnx for the 1000 likes

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