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Why League of Legends Solo Queue Is "Sad"… But Pro Play Is So Different

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20 thoughts on “Why League of Legends Solo Queue Is "Sad"… But Pro Play Is So Different

  1. Zaihao Lightsbane Reply

    For me alot of the Problem in SoloQ is: Powerplay. Noone wants to share, everyone wants to be the Goddamn Hero and get EVERYTHING.
    You are a 10/0 adc and the 1/1 Midlaner could get the Kill, helping him comming to the Game? Screw it my Kill! Im the Hero hahahahahah!
    You are 18/0 have 200 Farm in Minute 10? Lets travel to the Toplane were the Player has barely 50 Farm and ruin his Chances to get Gold that way.
    I see that alot. They all want to be Snowballs, the Best, the Hero – and they forget that it is a Teamgame. And thats why alot of People dont want to play Sup too..

  2. Valor Above All Reply

    I just wish they would buff something worthwhile on Quinn they fucked her for 2 and a half years then buffed her only thing that needed no buff and she had been stupidly power creeped into irrelevence

  3. jon c Reply

    The game is being balanced towards clash and pro play they dont give a single peep about solo/duo queue anymore they have gone full e-sports to cater to their franchising partner i guess 2.9 billion a year was too much money for them they wanted to make less because its been droping ever since they started to balance towards pro play 1.7 billion for 2018 and not a peep about 2019.

  4. HotlineJacket Reply

    This might not be the "nice" comment but i have to say it. People watch your videos beacuse they are very high quality. Over time youtubers release more and more crappy videos. You must realise that if quality of your videos drop too much, most people will just go away.

  5. AERoVALKYRiE Reply

    riot balancing lol based on pro play is definitely a retarded move. the game should be balanced towards the 99.9999% regular player base rather than the .0001% professional players.


    Add voice comms and the game will improve over time. Removing all toxicity to silence the complaints of snowflakes aint it chief. Not to mention it's literally impossible.

  7. GehennaGates Reply

    Clash is the MOST FUN my team has.

    We discuss strategies, bans, analyse the enemy team players, our weak points and our strengths.

    We Win and Lose as a team.
    It's a much more fulfilling experience than solo Q.

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