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28 thoughts on “BEST KILLS with CAR | PUBG MOBILE

  1. Revannath Kale Reply

    Hello to the reader of this comment.
    I am no big person myself but I read some comments below like 'when I will be good like him , etc.' . Now try to understand this , in any kind of earnings you need to impress people around you , Tacaz does the same by playing his game with so focus and attention , and I watched many of videos and I guess he has been improving himself , may be knowingly or unknowingly , all how he became this pro was his understanding in the game and putting several hours of his life in this ; learning , in short practicing . People usually think if we do the same thing as it was done by a person in their vision who is actually good and famous for his work it is because he/she is passionate about it.
    Normally going all around people see and instantly* start either getting excited or liking the thing by not even understanding what the stakes are ! So many youngsters , teenagers waste their valuable time doing the thing which they saw , was nailed by someone else . May be they are good at too , may be they are just taking inspiration to be better , in this case choice matters whoever do this or that thing on a purpose so all this gamers do this because they are actually passionate about it , dedicated to it , and then they realize they are actually good even better than anyone could ever be ,here they can worth their time , show to people how they actually are which eventually satisfies* people they share their experiences , which is smart and become what they actually should . Now coming to my point I said this because kids just see this , try to be this and actually forgot what they can be , may be a kid today watched this and started doing the same wasted his 8-10 hrs/day on it even knowingly that he's good at studies , thinking that he can be good at this too and eventually ending up doing nothing* , someone should tell this kid & like many others this gaming , social media , etc is good but may be this is not for you , something bigger than your expectations is waiting for you at the place where you are actually good , it can be anything indoor games , outdoor games , art , literature , commerce , advanced science/maths ,
    reporter , or even may be politics , just be it so chase it if you are really passionate about it , your interest might vary just like the trend but passion is like I want this because I can do it with my full energy and enthusiasm , eventually becoming the best at it…passion can be different may require money , books , etc start with small things…save the money you get from your parents or save some (5% / 10%) from your income and slowly go towards it , connect* with people who are actually good at it , and live the life as the way you are , fulfilling all your needs and dreams .
    A P J Abdul Kalam Sir once told , If you want to shine like the Sun , first learn to burn like the Sun .
    I hope you understood what I said and I hope I worth your time here .
    Thanks for reading my comment .
    One more thanks if you are actually ready to be passionate .
    Be Smart , Good , Healthy , Wealthy and may God give you and your family a long life .
    Love from India ❤️
    B H A R A T

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