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[Hindi] PMPL South Asia Day 3 W 2 | PUBG MOBILE Pro League S1

Welcome to PUBG Mobile Official Stream! Get READY to witness action-packed PUBG Mobile LIVE! #PMPL2020 Season 1 South Asia Day 3, Week 2 is here!


44 thoughts on “[Hindi] PMPL South Asia Day 3 W 2 | PUBG MOBILE Pro League S1


    सोल अब इंडियन esports के राहुल द्रविड़ हो गये हैं अब इंडियन गेमिंग कम्युनिटी में विराट कोहली,रोहित शर्मा जैसे खिलाड़ी आ गये हैं, Like-SGe,Tsm,Fnc,OR,etc.

  2. Aneesh Prachodhan Reply

    This is the most exciting league still now as any teams from top 6 or top7 can still grab the 2nd and 3rd place, as i think or is qualified and seeing godl and tsm performance both position are still up for grabs. The finals week will be very pulsating, exciting and also it might be dramatic if any team targets which I think will happen in last week (I mean like jumping in their location). Whichever teams qualify are deserving as they have performed consistently and I think some teams should focus on finals now as league is mostly out for them. Hoping for an exciting final week

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