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My Devices : Iphone 8 Plus My Sensivity Settings : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUcj5P5kgio&t=8s Also Subscribe to my friends channel …


42 thoughts on “NEW BEST M24 GAMEPLAY!!! | PUBG MOBILE

  1. Hademin Teyeb Reply

    انت ماتلعب عشان في عندك وقفات قدام تيمات يبين انك نوب
    يأما تلعب سيرفر نوبات الي معك نوبات صدقني لو وقفت كدامي بشكل ذا لفعصك زي الصرصور روح أوروبا هناك العب مو ذا

  2. Taha AIT Reply

    Damn. You are 100% using a wallhack. Almost all the first 2 minutes show clearly that at pochinki.
    I cant believe how.people are deceived. It's true you play well, but it doesn't matter since you're a hacker. Views digger

  3. Rishi Naitam Reply

    In our case when we rush they fire at us bt in your case they even dont know from where you shoot and they dont even properly react on you so please play in high tier and with better defending lobby

  4. Joe Major Reply

    Stupid game, more hackes in season 13 and the company don't do anything, why because the cheating use the error coding from first season and he company don't fix it. I don't recommended to playing this game.

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