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2018 CRST Cascadia | American Truck Simulator

Sorry wheelcam died early on into the video, I will get that taken care of for next time! 2018 Freightliner Cascadia – https://goo.gl/BYQuKe Merch Store …


33 thoughts on “2018 CRST Cascadia | American Truck Simulator

  1. BigBeauf _____ Reply

    Even in video games, people drive super fast in the winter. I drive really slow and I still slide. Last week, I had to drive from Avon to Grand Junction, CO and there were 2 vehicles in the median all banged up due to going fast on icy roads.

  2. bob bobblob Reply

    This game allows you to drive some of the nicest square hood trucks to have ever existed, haul anything from food, cars, logs, flatbeds, to specialized cargo requiring police escort. And you choose to drive a plastic junk truck for a shitty mega carrier?

  3. Patrick Chess Reply

    I’m an OTR truck driver & I really enjoy your videos. I’ve told my wife I was gonna hit the lottery & just do this lol but I drive for MDS (Morristown Driver Service) out of Morristown TN. Yes we do sponsor a nascar car. The guy tht owns front row motorsports also owns MDS but anyway I have a 2018 Peterbilt 579. Look us up & do a video of possible. Enjoy your videos bud take care.

  4. xXxM4A1xXx08 Reply

    Failed to do a tug test, god my company like forced that in to my head, plus this truck is an actual auto, that right stick is the actual gear selector F,N,R. It is the same setup as the 2016 Freightliner I drive. But currently driving a 10 speed volvo so yeah.

  5. Skywolf Reply

    Is California not a dlc but location of base game, and all that utai , arazonia ae dlcs not other stand alone truck simulation games, and whats the namme of the device your using the sterring wheel and screen, as not sure if the game is gamepad supported but still would at least like to try with just a sterring wheel and stick. but looking for good truck simulation game as much prefer the trucks in america than here in the uk. shame this isnt on xobox one or ps4.

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