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American Truck Simulator – Episode 72 – Trailer Ownership

Join me in American Truck Simulator as I purchase my own trailer! ▻American Truck Simulator Playlist▻ https://goo.gl/rNFJOC ▻Links To Contact Me▻ …


35 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator – Episode 72 – Trailer Ownership

  1. BC AD-Infinity Reply

    I know this is a late comment but what is the requirements for a PC? Can I use a controller instead of a steering wheel because due to financial strain csused by a spinal disease & broken back that didn't heal correctly. Now due to my spinal disease, I have 6 herniations & 5 Protrusions. L2-S1 & C4-C6 Herniated, and C3-C4, T4-T8 & T11-T12 Protrusions. No more driving due to weak leg issues. It suks only because I to drive & to travel. Peace to everyone.

  2. Carson Chambers Reply

    I live in Oregon so that sounds really cool, there are some really good scenic routes/areas here! Logging is also a big thing here, and there is a lot of farming over in Eastern Oregon

  3. HAMM3R Reply

    Don't know if you know this already, but TrackIR interferes with the game's Damage Tab key assignment. F7 key in TrackIR toggles the precision mode on and off and you can't change that. Just reassign the Damage Tab to another key and you're good to go.

  4. Ricky42S Reply

    buggs, i have seen worse useage of tract eye, so it comes with practice and configuration, kee up the hard work with bids. you, zack, jeff, pilcat are awsome

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