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American Truck Simulator – Mack Anthem Customization and Gameplay

Mack Anthem is part of free DLC for American Truck Simulator https://blog.scssoft.com/2020/04/the-mack-anthem-has-arrived.html 0:05 – Customization 5:13 …


23 thoughts on “American Truck Simulator – Mack Anthem Customization and Gameplay

  1. CSX Fan Reply

    ETS2 should do Asia, Africa and Australia and American truck simulator should do South America. And then when SCS is done, they make a World of Truck Simulator.

  2. Bob Page Reply

    Its a great truck to drive in-game, but if I had one major complaint about it……..the side mirrors are just awful. They block your view, and trying to see traffic coming left or right at junctions is a REAL pain in the ass. I wonder if that's an issue for a real-life driver. Only in real life, you can't switch camera views………..

  3. SebiX Reply

    I didn't play this game for over a year now, and when I see what they are adding makes me want to try to remember my steam password and play it again lol

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