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Custom Peterbilt 389 with Blower | American Truck Simulator

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39 thoughts on “Custom Peterbilt 389 with Blower | American Truck Simulator

  1. PS4 alien gamer Reply

    Can you please before you start driving your Lowe’s can you start building your trucks like you were before like the truck in this video I have tried so many times to find that blower on the front of the engine and I’m having so much trouble I’m gonna try removing some mods and see if that helps because the model is connected to the Peterbilt 389 but it’s not showing up on the truck when I’m in the game

  2. rackum44 Reply

    Jeff you responded to my comment on the flight sim video that you did earlier this week about computers supporting all the graphics for the new flight Sim. What are your thoughts on what your computer may need to support all the sceneries?

  3. NBK Reply

    Man I gotta give you props for just using the actual mirrors and in-dash GPS. Every time I try that I get lost and usually hit people when changing lanes.

  4. Nathan Fontanet Reply

    I am sorry for being a little late with commenting.

    Jeff, you seem to enjoy simulations and I enjoy watching you play simulation games with how immersed you get. It is like I am there sitting next to you in the cab for games like this. Are there any simulation like games you would like to play? The vehicle simulations are nice, but there are others too. For instance, I miss the oddly therapeutic nature of the landscaping simulator.

  5. Alex H Reply

    I would love to know what other stuff you do outside your YouTube career.

    Like what do you do just as something to wind down your mind from tough days or when you take a break from video making?

  6. Paul Haines Reply

    I meant to ask a question but forgot to do so, so my question to you is this: " what is your plans for your youtube channel in 2020? such as what games your looking forward to playing in 2020 that's coming out in the new year beside Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which we already know about. Once again happy new year, hope 2020 is a success for you and your loved ones.

  7. Jimmy Miller Reply

    Question-1 What's going to happen with the roommates podcast since Dave is moving back to St. Louis? Question/ statement – Been watching you since 2015 and love your videos.
    Will you be doing any more moto vlogs?

  8. Kadawn Cathey Reply

    I tried playing ats and for some reason my PC won't load it. I run Arma 3 and seige at ultimate graphics at 250 fps but yet it won't run ATS it just don't make since to me.

  9. Paul Haines Reply

    Well Jeff I flipped my truck over onto it's side going down the 101 south of Coos Bay, OR on my 2nd to final run of the gift delivery, didn't get slowed down in time to make a sharp turn and over I went….lol Happy New Year 2020 Jeff.

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