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I'm Back! – Euro Truck Simulator 2 Haul

I’ve been away for a while… what have I been doing? Fill in this form with your video ideas ▻ https://forms.gle/AgXPhD2PaZabHnFCA New YOTS T-Shirts and …


20 thoughts on “I'm Back! – Euro Truck Simulator 2 Haul

  1. Elizabeth Del castillo Reply

    Squirrel if you’re reading this just remember to take you’re time about making content and stuff because for me I have a lot of back up content to watch from other guys in Youtube so I don’t need you’re content in demand per say and plus it’s a win-win I get high quality stuff while you don’t burnout trying to force yourself to make content so it’s ok for me and for some who are a fan of this channel because we can wait for it calmly since the gap of you not uploading is filled with I guess you’re old vids and nostalgia that we can watch so that’s my honest reason for telling you to take you’re time

  2. Linda Joy Reply

    That was awesome. I've just bought this game and don't know the rules driving in Europe as I live in the UK so this should be fun :)) Will be coming back to watch more. I love the way you video. New subscriber.

  3. Flemming Pedersen Reply

    Hi Squirrel first my greatest respect for your work its GREAT, and i have learnd a lot from y, thanks. One thing if y want it a kind of a cheat when y come to a crossing with lights just go to the other lane and y wont get a fine !!!! if there is no other drivers 🙂 it will be fine 🙂 keep op the good work i will watch. see y.

  4. jpageyz001 Reply

    Hey love the videos and content, best ets videos on YouTube. I’m wondering if you could please provide a link to the skin mod for the black squirrel logistics livery. I’m using ets v1.36, pro mods v2.45 & the Scania s high roof arw 088 many thanks for any help you could provide!

  5. carsos00 Reply

    Hi Squirrel (or someone who can help), Good to have you back and all is well as can be under the somewhat strange circumstances we are going through, I desperately need help with EuroTruck 2, after playing it on and off for the last 5 years I had accumulated around 50 garages and some 290 drivers, many with high driving hours and ratings, 280 days of play…etc I'm sure you get the picture….so last year upgraded my PC and backed up (as I've done in the past) my document files including all the eurotruck 2 files, however when I startup euro truck I see all my many achievements hours, charges, drivers etc but as soon as I select drive everything goes back to the start and I have to select a garage to start from, I really really do not want to have to start from the beginning and lose 5 years work. PS I've already contacted SCS and while did look at the files all I got back was the files must be corrupt and it couldn't be fixed, but there must be some sort of editor out there where I can rebuild what I had from the backup files I still have…..

  6. Grey Knight Reply

    Hi Paul, could you please share your Trackir settings in ETS/ATS? I have just finished watching your EU diaries, started US series. Thanks for the fun! Contemplating now to buy Trackir5 and wondering whether you are looking back, outside of cabin while parking by turning your head or you set trackir to go only 90 degrees left and right and for the back view you are using joystick on your Saitek farm side panel/mouse/else…? Much appreciated in advance!

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