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Lonestar in the Snow! | American Truck Simulator

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42 thoughts on “Lonestar in the Snow! | American Truck Simulator

  1. Jason Hayward Reply

    I've sat playing these games talking to myself acting like I have a good following. Great work man. Hi from Australia. I'm technically retarded but like these games

  2. BlueDually4x4 Reply

    An old trucker from Canada I follow on youtube said they all run jakes in the winter up there, and I run mine year round. I really am impressed with how well ATS got the AI to act as stupid in the game as people are in real life. If most of us truckers had a dollar for every time we asked what someone was doing, we would all be retired by now.

  3. Logan Cramer Reply

    I'm originally from Farmington but I live in Pennsylvania now and I don't remember much about what Farmington looked liked since my family moved when I was 3 but when I graduate from college I plan to move back to Farmington.

  4. BigMikeSr09 Reply

    Just for a heads up doin the winter time experience trucker use the JAKE to slow there rigs over hittin the break pedal to prevent jack knife or spin out mainly on hills for future runs

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