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Tampa to Montgomery | American Truck Simulator

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50 thoughts on “Tampa to Montgomery | American Truck Simulator

  1. Only1DrewN Reply

    Aside from the crazy realistic drivers, I find the truck simulator videos soothing. I love the open road and travelling so these are right up my alley!

  2. gamefamex92 Reply

    Does anyone know why the coast to coast v 2.11 won't work with the new 1.37 update of ATS? I tried multiple times of adding in the mod, however it just crashes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone!

  3. Joseph Hilstock Reply

    Idk how I stumbled upon this but this is a must like and subscribe for me!! This was great!! I’m going look at others!! I’m new to this! What platform are you doing this on? This is awesome!

  4. Big Louie Reply

    What in the fuck is this……. Can u not pass the big boy test and get your cdl ?? What the hell. Who would spend 45 minutes watching this… Let alone someone playing this for more than 5 damn minutes. Omg. Get a fucking life.

  5. Mini Driver/south Sweden Reply

    Keep the hammer down and smokey off your tailgate 4-10 driver. I’m trying to keep the trucking jargon up to scratch sorry. The rig sounds great and the jake brake is just the cherry on the cake. awesome I wish I could drive one irl. I’ve been driving a Chevrolet pick up truck and it was a beast a real monster when I started it.

  6. Redskins Penn State fan Reply

    I work for FedEx. It's nice to see our competition PostEd represented.

    Also, I tell everyone, want to know the health of the economy look at FedEx, UPS and the Trucking companies….if they aren't busy, the economy isn't either.

  7. Jaylen Smith Reply

    How is this mod gonna have these tiny little Tennessee towns like Columbia, Monteagle, and Cookeville but not have Murfreesboro which is almost half the size of Nashville. Like wtf

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