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Truck Simulator USA Nintendo Switch – first play

Join me as I take a look at Truck Simulator USA on the Nintendo Switch which released on 1st November 2019 for $13.99. ✅ Subscribe here!


29 thoughts on “Truck Simulator USA Nintendo Switch – first play

  1. ARaw Braccili Reply

    The free mobile game is 10000000x better than this 14$ switch version! The mobile game you get more features you can get out of your truck and you get an awesome sounding exhaust brake!

  2. Yeolde GamerSteve Reply

    Had this in my wishlist but after watching this, I'll remove it. Horrendous graphics, shoddy framerate, terrible textures, bad popup, poor draw distance, bugs and even spelling errors. How can Nintendo let this shit through? is there no quality control at all. dear me, what a disappointment. Give me a shout if they ever patch it (I doubt it)

  3. Alexandre D'ARPA Reply

    Thank you i love it has the cockpit view and i think i will buy it especially for this feature that i love and that is missing so much on Nintendo system today(gears 1 and 2 🙁
    Just a question, is that the best truck game with cockpit view on switch? I would like to make long trip on highways. Thank for any advice

  4. Anthony Jenkins Reply

    I’ve had it for about a month and I’m having fun with it. Yeah it’s got pop in, bad frame rate, etc but until we get a proper Truck Sim game— the devs who made Construction Simulator 2 need to make a Truck Sim game and just reuse the same engine and assets from CS2–this will have to do. I did notice that there’s two other Canadian cities that you can’t see in the map: Vancouver and Winnipeg. There’s snow in Vancouver and it starts to stick on the road as you take that looong one lane road to Winnipeg. I haven’t seen rain yet and I’ve been to almost every city in the game

  5. Outdoors Joe Reply

    Wow. Thanks for the video. Game looks so bad lol if you have PS4 or Xbox One Truck Driver isn't a perfect game but it's pretty fun and probably the best we'll see on consoles.

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