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Map changes, event leaks & more

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The v12.40 patch didn’t add a whole lot when it comes to new items or weapons. However, instead there were a couple of major map changes and things seem to be shaping up for an event in the future.

Map Changes

The Shark POI has been completely reworked. The location now resembles a modern looking prison, with guard towers, a basketball court and cells added.

Image credit to @HappyPower on Twitter

Off the coast to the east is a smaller island which previously featured just a small shed. This has now turned into part of the prison, with a large underground chamber which appears to house just one inmate.

At Lazy Lake, the No Sweat Insurance building from Titled Towers has cropped up. Signs advertising the building can also be found in various places around the map. Could this be the first sign that Tilted Towers is coming back?


Finally, the hatches which appeared in the water surrounding The Agency in a previous update have started to glow. Clearly this is building towards bigger changes in the future.

Event leak

Adding on to this, popular Fortnite leaker @Lucas7yoshi tweeted with what he said was “MASSIVE” news. He said “An event currently just called “Jerky” is in the works…The playlist used for the end, marshmello, etc. was modified with the name “Jerky”. With the recent news that Season 2 is being extended until June, perhaps a big event is coming.

Other Changes

The compass at the top of your screen will now flash to indicate the direction of nearby shots. Enemy fire will display as red, whilst friendly fire will be orange/yellow. This does not appear to be a setting you can switch on and off, but simply a new HUD feature.

Another interesting leak came from @HYPEX. He discovered that Dual Suppressed Pistols have been added to the game files, although they are not yet available to use. He also found files suggesting that a new shotgun could be in the works.

Leaked Cosmetics

As always, @HYPEX also had us covered with all the new skins, emotes and other cosmetics that are set to drop over the next month or so.

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