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The Last of Us Part 2 leak seems to show massive spoilers

Over the weekend in late April, a series of YouTube videos were uploaded that contained what appeared to be clips of Naughty Dog’s highly-anticipated sequel, The Last of Us Part 2. While the original videos have since been taken down, various gaming forums and social media re-uploads have survived, alleging to show the gruesome action game’s story in full.

[Warning: The rest of this article contains potential spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2.]

The clips which are still live as of this writing appear to show everything from Ellie’s relationship with Dina, the woman she kisses within the E3 2018 trailer, to Joel’s role within the game. The leak also contains a level list that suggests that the game has you switch roles midway through, allowing you to see the game from the viewpoint of someone new. The dates on the screenshots and clips suggest that the gameplay hails from internal builds that existed back in February and March.

While Naughty Dog have not acknowledged the leak, given the high fidelity of the game and the recognizable voices within the footage, it seems real. Naughty Dog did not respond in time for press. Some fans who have peeked at the game’s supposed and potentially controversial ending, however, are already debating if they want to purchase the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 is currently delayed “until further notice” due to the global coronavirus pandemic, which Sony says is “preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve.” According to Naughty Dog, while the game was “nearly done” as of April 2, there were a variety of logistical issues which were beyond the control of the Santa Monica studio. Reports of working conditions within the studio say that Naughty Dog have been under intense crunch while working on The Last of Us Part 2, as the game takes care to include all sorts of minor details — such as giving every single character a heartbeat.

Based on what Sony has released so far, the game is supposed to explore hatred, which aligns with the stark story beats apparently revealed by the leak. The Last of Us is also currently being adapted into an HBO TV series.

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