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UnknownArmy accused of griefing Clix in FNCS Finals

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UnknownArmy is receiving a wave of hate for his actions on day 1 of the Solo Fortnite Championship Series Invitational

The story develops later on in day 1 of the Solo FNCS Finals, game 5 to be exact. With one more game remaining, we’re in the final leg of today’s competition

Then things take a turn for the worse. UnknownArmy and Clix are both within top 20 and in contention for some big money when a fight between the two leads to a much, much larger beef. Unknown gets headshot sniped by Clix and it leads to a huge griefing scandal

Video starts at 2:45 for those on mobile


You can tell that UnknownArmy gets visibly upset when he gets sniped… I mean, who wouldn’t be? To be fair, Clix did land a nutty quickscope on a rushing enemy and you have to give credit where it’s due

Here is Clix’s perspective on the nuts hit

The problem arises right after Unknown dies when Clix taunts his corpse with an emote dance. Unknown backs out to the lobby and declares that he will be “griefing Clix” by landing on him in game 6. “Where does he land? I’m landing on him next game,” a frustrated Unknown told his thousands of viewers

He stuck to his word, switching his drop spot from Slurpy Swamp to Pleasant Park. Keep in mind, Unknown has dropped Slurpy Swamp for almost the entirety of Chapter 2 and barely knows Pleasant. This wasn’t a tactical move. This was out of spite and vengeance

The very next game (final game of day 1), Unknown lands at the house right next to Clix. He chases Clix down and scuffs his loot path for over 10 minutes before finally dying


What’s arguably worse is the fact that Unknown wasn’t even chasing his intended victim. He ended up chasing Ajerss, who after 6 games is scraping the bottom of the leaderboard at 15 points and 91st place. Talk about kicking a guy when he is down

Can Unknown get banned for this?

It depends. Epic is the final arbitrator as per usual, but we can look to the official rulebook for guidance

And it doesn’t look great for Unknown. See that little rule regarding “game sabotage”? Yeah, there’s no other way we can paint this to not look like game sabotaging. He’s guilty of breaking the rules and it will be up to Epic to rule how severe his ban will be (if any)

On another note, Ninja was one of the first prominent voices in the community to speak out on this controversy

Ninja’s take comes from a place of grace and elegance. After all, he is one of Esport’s first pioneers and you can tell just how important integrity is for him. Ninja expresses disappointment for the decision Unknown made without directly referencing him, while at the same time pleading that the community be more mindful about this in the future

“You don’t know what you’re really doing. You don’t know if they need the money,” Ninja argues in reference to the often life changing sums of money up for grabs in these Epic sponsored events

We can’t be acting like children when people’s livelihoods are at stake. Unknown isn’t above the law just because he is popular. In fact, he should be even more heavily scrutinized because of how many people look up to him and will follow his lead. This is a call to Epic: take action and curb this behaviour

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