One Hand Gaming Keypad With LED Backlight


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  • Brand Name: centechia
  • Type: Wired
  • Standard: Mini
  • Application: Desktop
  • Application: Laptop
  • Operation Style: Mechanical
  • Language: English
  • Style: Standard
  • Style: Slim
  • Style: Ergonomics
  • Style: GAMING
  • Style: Mini
  • Style: Multifunctional
  • Wrist Support: Yes
  • Model Number: YA96237
  • Package: Yes


Engineering hand-held design : Closely fits your wrist for long-term use without tiredness, high and low key layout fits handedness

Color LED Backlighting : Enjoy the adjustable colorful key backlit effect with 8 pre-configated profiles and the LED light bar on the right side.

Mini Gaming Keyboard : It has all the keys that you needed when playing games. They are close to one by another so you don’t have to stretch your fingers or re-position your hand to get to the keys you need when you’re playing games.

Ergonomic Design with Palm Rest : one-handed keyboard is designed with ergonomics which can reduce the fatigue.Keyboard with large hand palm rest area,allows you to use it with less strain. New button layout, fast and flexible operation,perfect for game playing

Durable & Portable : Metal and ABS construction, 35 keys, gaming chip, stand up to hardcore gaming.One-handed keyboard with portable design,that you can carry it with you everywhere at anytime, great for one hand control. Long life span and good wear resistance, braided wire with USB port,optimized layout,it easily meets your gaming


Dynamic sensation, macro recording function, high and low key layout

Engineering hand support, laser carving characters, multi-key press without card

Press FN+F3 to switch the lighting effect

8 kinds of lighting effects: mixed light (default) + seven monochromatic lights


Wave/Colorful Horse Race: Colorful color gradient water, default wave mode. Press again to enter the colorful cycle horse racing mode

FN+F5: Turn on/off the lighting effect

Press FN+6 to adjust – the speed of streamer becomes slow

Press FN+5 to adjust – the speed of streamer becomes faster.

The side decorative strips are sensible, and the color change (with breathing effect) is like water wave flow, fashion charm

Macro Recording:

After recording, press FN+F1 to store, the backlight stops flashing.

Press FN+F1 to play the corresponding content.

F2 recording in the above order, press FN+ESC button for about 3 seconds at the same time, the backlight flashes, and press the characters to be recorded as needed

Clear the recorded button, press FN+ESC to flash the light, press FN+F1/F2 to directly clear the corresponding recorded button.

Engineering hand-held design closely fits your wrist for long-term use without tiredness, high and low key layout fits handedness

The bottom is fitted with a wear-resistant anti-slip mat and a drain hole design.


Estimated Shipping time:

France: 3-10 days 

Spain: 5-15 days 

Germany:  5-20 days

Rest of Europe: 10-35 DAYS

USA: 10-35 DAYS 

Japan: 12-21 days

South America: 12-21 days

Singapore:15-30 days




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