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Dabbing On The Environment | No Man's Sky VR – Gameplay and Funny Moments

No Man’s Sky looks and feels absolutely amazing in VR. Nothing like breaking into the atmosphere while holding on to the controls vibrating wildly. I can’t go …


33 thoughts on “Dabbing On The Environment | No Man's Sky VR – Gameplay and Funny Moments

  1. Baraz Reply

    I am fascinated how that game went from worst-game-of-the-year to making a very decent respected comeback. The devs have iron wills and it looks interesting. Will consider it anyhow.

  2. FireIdar Reply

    This game looks similar to Empyrion. I LOVE Empyrion. The only trouble is I stop playing at a certain point. The idea is you crash-land on a planet and have to gather the resources to build a base and get off planet. You can explore and learn new things as well as explore alien towers and such. HOWEVER once you learn how to make vehicles, hover vessels (for exploring on the planet), small vessels (for simple flight off planet) and Capital vessels (space stationsbases) THAT'S when I give up. The controls are crap. Instead of a normal game-up, down, left, right, so on-you need to control EVERY INDIVIDUAL THRUSTER!! In other words, control the left and right base thrusters to keep you level, forward to move in that direction, left and right to turn AS WELL AS the left and right thrusters!!! I don't have six pairs of hands!! This one looks easier. I might look at this game, see about giving it a go.

  3. JayHog1992 Reply

    Nano: "I flew across a star system to learn one word?"

    Dragonborn: "At least you got a space ship to do that, If I got no horse, I gotta walk to learn one word."

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