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FALLOUT 4 IN VR! | Fallout 4 VR Funny Moments (HTC Vive)

Fallout 4 is back, this time in VR! Playing Fallout 4 in VR feels amazing and immersive! Fallout 4 VR: http://store.steampowered.com/app/611660/Fallout_4_VR/ …


39 thoughts on “FALLOUT 4 IN VR! | Fallout 4 VR Funny Moments (HTC Vive)

  1. BestAtNothing Reply

    OH hey I'm alive ha ha that's to bad eh? I know the FoV is shit, blame Bethesda. Btw follow me on Twitch almost done setting up streaming PC. Also follow me on Twitter because why the fuck not.

  2. ImBulletm9 Reply

    Does VR games have a crappy FoV, like you see in all the videos? It probably doesn't but I have a VR headset coming and I worry because I got bad motion sickness

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