Far Cry is going VR but there’s a catch

(Pocket-lint) – During Ubisoft Forward, Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity was announced. A new VR experience set in the Far Cry universe due to launch sometime in 2021.

The game is interestingly set to take players back to the setting of Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft says that Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity will allow up to eight players to dive into the virtual setting of Rook Islands. Players will find themselves captured by Vaas Montenegro, the sadistic, psychopathic antagonist from the original game. They’ll then need to explore the island and battle to survive. 

So far it sounds pretty great doesn’t it? Well, there’s a bit of a catch. The game is developed in collaboration with Zero Latency and is intended to be played at that company’s arcade experience locations rather than in your home. 

Zero Latency has virtual reality experience locations all over the place, with 45 locations in 22 countries. Nonetheless, in 2020 where social distancing and hygiene concerns are suddenly very important it seems unlikely that people are going to want to go out in order to play games. 

That said, the game isn’t set to appear until 2021, so perhaps Zero Latency is confident things will be closer to normal by then. Whether people will be willing to strap on a VR headset with seven other people in public remains to be seen. Still, we’d certainly love to revisit Rook Islands in VR.

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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