HTC Vive Sync is a new free virtual meeting tool for more produ

HTC has launched a new remote collaboration and meeting platform that’s designed to help colleagues connect and work more effectively.

Vive Sync is designed to allow as many as 30 people to meet at the same time, whether that’s holding remote presentations, classroom-style discussions or more hands-on creative meetings. 

With everyone working remotely and using services like Zoom and Teams, it makes sense for there to be more services appearing, but Vive Sync is intended to be more useful. 

Vive Sync not only allows people to meet, but also has features you’d expect from VR like full-body tracking. That means you can not only make use of personalised avatars but also communicate via body language and work on 3D content within the VR space as well. 

FBX, OBJ files and Unity Asset Bundles can all be uploaded and used inside Vive Sync, meaning users can share and review creations within the meeting as well. 

Features currently include 3D model review, speech-to-text note-taking, 3D drawing and annotation capabilities and support for sharing OneDrive files including videos, PDFs and presentations on the VR meeting room’s big screen. 

If people are using the Vive Pro Eye then eye-tracking featured on that headset can also be pulled into the meeting as well. All this means you can not only engage more naturally with people in the meeting, but also work more efficiently and effectively too. 

Vive Sync is free to try in beta, so if you have an appropriate VR headset then you can give it a go now. 

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