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Within, the immersive studio known for some of VR’s highest quality experiences, unveiled a new fitness app for Oculus Quest earlier this month that aims to give you a fun, fast, and intuitive cardio workout in VR. Starting today you’ll be able to dive right in.

Update (April 23rd, 2020): Supernatural is set to go live today on the Oculus Store for Quest at 10 AM PT (local time here). The first 30 days is free, however afterwards ‘founding members’ will pay a monthly fee of $19. We haven’t had a chance to go hands-on with Supernatural yet, but we’ll report back soon.

There’s still no word on when a version for Rift, or other PC VR headsets is due to arrive. The original article announcing Supernatural follows below:

Original Article (April 13th, 2020): Called Supernatural, the subscription-based app is said to launch on Quest April 23rd. The subscription includes new workouts published daily at a discounted introductory rate of $19 per month, as well as a free trial to see if its right for you.

And what exactly do you get with this ‘virtual gym’ membership? According to an Oculus blog post, Supernatural melds together VR rhythm game mechanics, daily personalized full-body workouts, expert coaching from real-world trainers, and music from popular artists, all of which is set in variety of photorealistic landscapes.

The promo video certainly gives off Beat Saber vibes, albeit with a decidedly less of a ‘European discotheque’ aesthetic and more of a crunchy granola feel from some Star Trekian future.

“When my Within co-founder Aaron Koblin and I realized we had developed dad-bods without having any actual children, we knew we had to do something,” Within co-founder Chris Milk says. “Neither one of us was fond of or good at sticking with exercise. We disliked the rigmarole of going to the gym and didn’t think the home fitness solutions out there were particularly fun. We wanted the benefits of exercising regularly, but we didn’t enjoy the short-term activity necessary to get those long-term results.”

The team hasn’t revealed what musical artists will be featured, however Milk says its will feature “some of the biggest artists from the major record labels, and amazing artists from indie labels as well.”

Supernatural is said to arrive with a companion app, which lets you pair your heart rate monitor, schedule workouts, and follow friends.

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